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David W. Eckman, Christian Attorney
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Practice Background

David W. Eckman

P.O. Box 540245

Houston, Texas 77254-0245


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The geographic area in which I used to practice was limited to Harris County, Texas.

In addition, the services I provided were limited to providing advice, assistance and representation in certain areas or fields of law (in alphabetical order):

Not Certified By The Texas Board of Legal Specialization in any areas established by that board.

Since I am now retired, I no longer practice law, but I will be happy to talk with you about any matter you find above, so long as you do not expect legal advice. If your concern is not within the areas of my former practice, I may be able to suggest a lawyer for you to call, but I cannot give any recommendations because I cannot control what any other lawyer will do or what you might expect or require in connection with another lawyer's services, both of which, among other things, would greatly affect any recommendation I could give.

For my licenses and bar memberships, see my personal information.

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